The HPD Model 07030 BMW Stud Tool Kit is designed to facilitate the repair of pulled cylinder-head studs on BMW Airhead engine cases.

The Model 07030 tool works on engines having crankcase bores of 99 mm. The tool aids in the drilling of the crankcase for installation of special HPD oversize thread inserts or Heli-coil type (STI) thread repair inserts. HPD threaded inserts are precisely machined from high strength 7075 aluminum alloy, which matches the expansion coefficient of the engine crankcase.


  • Tool body
  • Drill bushing and tap guide bushing for HPD threaded inserts
  • Tap drill and tap for HPD threaded inserts
  • Drill bushing and tap guide bushing for STI inserts
  • Angled-hole guide bushing (for oil passage hole)
  • Drill for oil passage angled-hole
  • HPD threaded inserts (7075 aluminum alloy): two (2) supplied with kit; extras readily available
  • Extension tubes and washers


  • BMW Stud Tool Kit $495.00 USD (FOB Boulder, CO USA)
  • Additional threaded inserts $29.00 USD each


  • To be quoted upon receipt of order



The HPD kit contains, as noted above, two drill bushings for use when installing Heli-coil repair inserts, also known as STI (screw thread inserts). Heli-coil/STI inserts are much less effective than the HPD machined aluminum inserts and we do not recommend them. However, for those who must use an STI insert, the kit does contain one bushing (marked 10.5 mm or .4134) to guide the Heli-coil tap-drill and one (marked .479”) to guide the Heli-coil tap. The user must provide the Heli-coil tap, tap-drill, insertion tool, and inserts. Heli-coil sells a repair kit p/n 5304-10 which contains those items and includes some inserts that are not to be used for this repair. They are too short. Instead you must use the BMW inserts, p/n 11-11-1-338-630. They are Loctite coated and have a special length of 12 coils, and a locking cord. They must be obtained from BMW!

The very handy HPD BMW Stud Tool Kit


"I just wanted to let you know that my old R100GS is back among the living thanks to your kit! I was very impressed by the quality of the components and the simple design. Despite my best efforts to the contrary, the repair was a success and the bike is happily sporting a fresh coat of dried mud again. Thanks."

  ~Aaron Dimitt
  Ft. Collins, CO

“My 90 R100GSPD had a cylinder head stud that started to pull out during my last valve adjust at about 78K on the bike. DAMN!!!! The thoughts of Helicoils and assorted fixes started dancing through my head. Then I read Oak's article in the June 2008 Airmail about stripped stud repair. He mentioned a company in Colorado—HPD—that he had been working with to develop a tool package for repair of stripped cylinder head studs.

“I emailed the company and got in touch with Bill Hollander to inquire about the tool. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the tool. A stripped stud on his own R100GS lead to the development of the tool. He convinced me it was the way to go. My mechanical abilities—enough to keep me out of deep doodoo—and the price of the tool said go for it. It was cheaper than sending the GS out for repair.

“I followed the instructions carefully and took my sweet time. The tool produced a superior result with my fair skill level. The HPD insert is made of a much higher strength aluminum alloy than the cast aluminum crankcase. It also has a much longer thread engagement length. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results.”

  ~Doug Dokken
  Richfield, MN

The HPD Model 07030 BMW Stud Tool Kit

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